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Creating community around Music, Visual, and Festival culture.

#MMF2019 is the complete platform and program created for interested partners in the industry, investors and sponsors but mainly - for the global artists and their new fans.

Music Meets Fashion, or MMF, was born in 2014. It was brought to life through a modified Creative and Art Direction that its founder Raphaello Szmanda did with an ambitious production team for the MUSIC MEETS FASHION - Premium Live Festival during the Berlin Fashion Week. It was a huge success. In the past several years, MMF created and organized several Live events, and now moving on to the next step - creating its own MMF community and technology, where everything comes together.

We invite all freelance artists, brands, and friends of music and fashion to join us in creating something juicy and spectacular.

Let's rock the future industry with #MMF, where Music, Fashion & Tech become ONE.

Meet Our Team


Monica Ma

Brand & Product Designer


Raphaello Szmanda

Founder & Creative Director


Hi, I'm Raphaello Szmanda, a live electronic music artist, a Native American born in Colombia and raised in Germany and now living in Berlin. Discovered at the age of 19 by BMG Ariola Global, I spent my early twenties touring Europe and developing a career as music performer. I later worked as A&R Manager, did talent scouting and development, for EMI Publishing and contracted artists in the German Hip Hop movement. I learned about the hard life, advantages and disadvantages being an artist. Since 2011, I've been working as a musician, music producer and songwriter, DJ and label manager for my own label Bold Empire Records.

With 25 years of experience in the music and entertainment industry, I developed a deep understanding of important challenges that artists, labels and industry in general have been facing. I’ve watched A&R support practically disappeared as a service for new and developing talents. It's harder to get noticed, build industry connections, and increase awareness. Based on my personal and relevant experiences, I created a new APP, music platform and revenue model for the music industry, with the goal of helping musicians become more independent and efficient, and to increase their presence and mindshare.

Love n Light!



Ibtisem Abdelli

Styling Advisor


Billy Mello

VR Advisor


Sönke Kirchhoff 

TECH Advisor


James Kellogg

Media Advisor




Project Partner


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Our team has been growing, and we are looking for more talent. Let’s revolutionize music, fashion and tech industries. Together.