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MMF is a Zeitgeist Agency for Pop Culture & festival creation. We represent new & independent Producers, DJ’s, Artists, Designers & Models globally, We produce unique content, live events & interactive online AR, VR experiences by brilliantly mixing various artistries into one act of cultural engagement and interception.

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Our team is amped with momentum to revolutionize the music, fashion and tech industries. We are passionately working to connect artists, brands, designers, and fans to a community that does not marginalize work or interest but rather promotes growth and provides a collaborative space to release and promote their material. Passion drives us to continually improve our portal by engineering new and innovated features, services and products that support initiatives and optimize each experience within our service. We are dedicated to providing our community with a platform that is grander, more profound and challenges & inspires a new way of thinking and being. Sponsors, Partners, Collaborators and Enthusiasts - we would be honored for you to join us on stage as we gain access to a world of creativity and empowerment.

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